What is HRBC Connect API?

HRBC Connect API, a fee-based optional service, is a Web API for developing apps using information registered with HRBC.

For example, using this service allows the user to develop an app that links HRBC to their own site or links HRBC to a non-HRBC system.

Under the HRBC agreement, for a user to develop user apps using the HRBC API, the user needs to register such apps with PORTERS.

When a user applies for HRBC Connect API, we will deliver the account information and API connection information of the site to the contracted company so that the user can develop apps as desired based on the specifications.

*Note that user apps are not developed by PORTERS.


When outsourcing the development of apps, the user should directly make an agreement with the development company concerning maintenance after the development or operation starts.

If you are looking for a development company, we are prepared to introduce official partner companies to you upon request. Contact a PORTERS sales representative if desired.


Procedure Before Starting User App Development

Apps uniquely developed by users under the HRBC agreement are called user apps.

For developing user apps, a user under the HPBC agreement needs to apply to use the HRBC API.

  1. Before starting, check the URL (Redirect URL) of the sever where the app will be executed.
  2. Send the HRBC API application form (Please download the price list and application form from HRBC Help) from the user under the HRBC agreement to PORTERS.
  3. Register the app with PORTERS.
  4. Deliver the issued API connection information from PORTERS to the HRBC-contract user.
  5. Proceed with development.

The app development can be authenticated by PORTERS’s authentication server through the Redirect URL specified by the HRBC-contract user when applying for the development, the App ID that is issued by app registration, and Secret.


About various applications




Please do the following application from the dedicated page.

Note also that any related application for using the API needs to be made by the contact person for the API related information.


Services to be Provided

1. The HRBC Connect API (hereafter referred to as HRBC API) provides the information on HRBC Connect API Guide (this site) and the API connection information.

2. We only provide the sample sources and templates that are included in this site.

3. Application for using a development environment (test environment), if desired, is separately required.

  For details on the notes and deliverables, see Development Environment (Test Environment).

4. For questions or consultation about the API, contact us by email with the information below included. We do not accept contact by phone.

  If external development companies wish to participate in the HRBC operation training session, contact us by email.

(1) Fill the subject field of the email with the HRBC company ID of the user.

(2) When a development company contacts us, fill the CC field with the HRBC contract user for information sharing.

(3) For a request for investigation, provide us with the following information that has been actually sent and received.

- Request details (URL, XML, Header information, Date and Time when the request was made)

- Response details (XML)

- The company ID in the development HRBC environment if the event has occurred in the development HRBC environment



!!The deliverables and details on the HRBC API connection information will be sent to the address registered by the representative when applying for the HRBC API.

      The representative should kindly share the information with the concerned external development companies.

  From the viewpoint of customer information management, PORTERS does not inform external development companies of any information.

!!Some pages in this site may not be displayed depending on the contract type.

!!Necessary requests regarding contracts should be made by the HRBC contract company.


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