Write API - Phase Update

Phase related items

The Phase related items indicates the items shown below. These items are registered by default in Client, Recruiter, Job, Candidate, Resume, Process, Sales, and Activity.

Alias Name Definition
{Resource}.P_Phase Phase  
{Resource}.P_PhaseDate Phase date  
{Resource}.P_PhaseMemo Phase memo  
{Resource}.P_PhaseCalendar Phase calendar display This item does not exist when the Partition ID is 1270 or later.
{Resource}.P_Owner Owner
Owner Department, Owner
{Process or Sales}.P_JobOwner JobOwner
Only in Process and Sales phase
 {Process or Sales}.P_ResumeOwner ResumeOwner
Only in Process and Sales phase


Restrictions on Phase Update

When updating the Phase related items, note that special restrictions are applied.

The Phase that can be specified when updating the Resource records must meet the condition that the registered Phase becomes the latest Phase.

The priority of the condition for the latest Phase is as follows:

  1. The Phase date is later than the date of the currently registered latest Phase.
  2. The option of the Phase is greater than the currently registered latest Phase.

*Note that condition 2 might not be guaranteed to operate in a future version due to the restrictions set for compatibility with the past data.
 As a general rule, when updating the Phase, set the date of the Phase to be later than the date of the current latest Phase.


When specifying data that meet the prescriptions above, the records are updated in either of the following two patterns:

  1. When the Phase itself is the same as the currently registered latest Phase but there is a change in other items
    -> The current latest Phase is overwritten.
  2. When a Phase that is different from the currently registered latest Phase is specified
    -> All the items are added as new Phase data.


Restriction on Phase New Registration

Even when adding new Resource records, the same restrictions that are applied when updating the data are applied as a general rule; however, because there is no Phase that is registered when adding a new record, a Phase can be actually registered without restrictions.

Note that the phase date or phase memo alone cannot be specified. These items must be specified together with the Phase.

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