Contract - Field List

The Field and initial values that can be handled by the Contract API are shown below.

  • The Name (item name) is changeable and thus may differ from the actual name.
  • Some items may have been deleted depending on the usage status of the user.
  • For the Option Type, the Aliases of the options that the item uses are written in the Definition.
  • For the Reference Type, the Alias of an upper-level Resource that the item refers to is written in the Definition.

For Fields created by a user or app or Fields not included in the following, use Field Read.


For details on the Field Type and Data Type, see Field Type & Data Type List.

The XML format differs depending on the Data Type. For details, see Read API - XML Format and Write API - XML Format.

Required for
new registration
Required for
Alias Name Field Type Definition
Contract.P_Id Contract ID System[Id] Specify -1 for new registration, and the ID to be updated for update.
Contract.P_Client Client System[Reference] Indicates the relevant Client.
In the case of Read, the Field of the Client Resource can be referred to.
In the case of Write, only the value of the Client.P_Id can be specified.
Contract.P_RegistrationDate Date Created System[DateTime]  
Contract.P_RegisteredBy Registered by User  
Contract.P_UpdateDate Date Updated System[DateTime]  
Contract.P_UpdatedBy Updated by User  
Contract.P_Name Contract Title SinglelineText  
Contract.P_Memo Memo MultilineText  
Contract.P_AdvancePayment Advance and Consulting Fee Currency  
Contract.P_ContingentFeeRate Contingency Fee Rate Number  
Contract.P_ContingentFee Contingency Fee Currency  
Contract.P_RefundTerms Refund Terms SinglelineText  
Contract.P_PaymentTerms Payment Terms SinglelineText  
Contract.P_StartDate Contract Start Date Date For performing Write, be sure to checkNotes on new registration and update.
Contract.P_EndDate Contract End Date Date For performing Write, be sure to checkNotes on new registration and update.
Contract.P_ClientContactDivision Client Contact Division SinglelineText  
Contract.P_ClientContactTitle Client Contact Title SinglelineText  
Contract.P_ClientContactName Client Contact Name SinglelineText  
Contract.P_ClientZipcode Client Zip Code SinglelineText  
Contract.P_ClientAddress Client Address SinglelineText  
Contract.P_ClientDivision Client Division SinglelineText  
Contract.P_SupervisorDivision Supervisor Division SinglelineText  
Contract.P_SupervisorTitle Supervisor Title SinglelineText  
Contract.P_SupervisorName Supervisor Name SinglelineText  
Contract.P_ContractorType Contractor Type Option[Drowdown] Option: Option.P_ContructorType
Contract.P_ContractorTypeSummary Contractor Type Summary MultilineText  
Contract.P_ContractorHeadCount Contractor Head Count Number  
Contract.P_ContractorFee Contractor Fee Currency  
Contract.P_ContractorStartDate Contractor Start Date Date For performing Write, be sure to checkNotes on new registration and update.
Contract.P_ContractorEndDate Contractor End Date Date For performing Write, be sure to checkNotes on new registration and update.
Contract.P_WorkingHour Working Hours SinglelineText  
Contract.P_BreakTime Break Time SinglelineText  
Contract.P_Holiday Holiday MultilineText  
Contract.P_PaymentTermsClosingDate Payment Terms Closing Date SinglelineText  
Contract.P_ContractorPaymentDate Contractor Payment Date SinglelineText  
Contract.P_ContractorBillingDate Contractor Billing Date SinglelineText  
Contract.P_ContractorTravelExpense Contractor Travel Expenses SinglelineText  
Contract.P_ContractorPaymentByHour Hourly Contractor Payment SinglelineText  
Contract.U_[Name] User created item.
The name specified by the user or the name given by the system is specified for [Name].
Contract.A_[Name] App created item.
The name given by the app is normally specified for [Name].

Indicates the deletion status of the record.
 0: Undeleted record
 1: Deleted record

This field will be available from 04/10/2018.
This item can be specified only as the field parameter for Read. Condition or Order cannot be specified with this item.
Also, this item cannot be specified for Write.


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