Write API - XML Format

The formats of XML that can be specified for the Write API are classified into the following types:

*For details on the Field Type and Data Type, see Field Type & Data Type List.

Standard Format

The standard format of XML that can be specified for the Write API is as follows:

<Resource Name>
</Resource Name>


Data Type:Number

When the value of the Number Type is a decimal number and when the number of decimal places is three or more, the third and later decimal places are dropped and the number is newly created or updated.


Data Type:Option

Specify the Option Type item, if any, in the following format.

The option that can be specified is only the Alias at the end. The option that has child items cannot be specified.

<Field Alias>
    <Option Alias>
</Field Alias>

When specifying multiple options, specify multiple Option Alias tags between the Filed Alias tags.

<Field Alias (Option Type)>
    <Option Alias1>
    <Option Alias2>
    <Option Alias3>
    <Option Alias4>
</Field Alias>


The following shows the sample when “Tokyo” and “Kanagawa” are specified for the region of the JOB.



Data Type:System[Reference] & user

The value of the System[Reference] and User Type items can be specified only with the Id.

  <Field Alias (System Type)>[Value]</Field Alias>

For the supported Field, see Field Type & Data Type List > System Field List.


The following shows the sample when “Ichiro Suzuki” whose User Id is 1 is specified for the owner of the JOB.



Data Type:Link

The Link Type item can only have a value of Id.

<Field Alias (Link Type)>[Value]</Field Alias>

The following sample is an example of specifying a Contact Id of 10001 for a recruiter in a JOB.



Data Type:Image 

When newly registering or updating the Image Type items, use the following format.

<Field Alias (Image Type)>
</Field Alias>


Input Variables

Tag Definition
Content Bease64 encoded image file. An image file exceeding 2 MB is not supported.
ContentType Specifies the type of the data that are specified for Content. Usually, this type is the same as the Mime Type.
The types that can be handled for the Image Type are image/jpeg (jpg, jpeg), image/gif (gif), image/png (png), and image/bmp (bmp).
FileName The file name of the image. The file name including the extension of the file must be within 255 bytes.



The following shows an example when specifying the image type item Resume.U_XXX for Resume Write.

Input XML

<?xml version=”1.0” encoding=”UTF-8” standalone=”yes”?>
        <Resume.P_Name>Resume name</Resume.P_Name>
        <Resume.P_Name>Resume name2</Resume.P_Name>


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