Authentication and Authorization Error

Output format

When a Response is returned in XML, it is output in the following format.

 <Message>Wrong redirect_url</Message>


When a redirect to the app server occurs, an Error Code can be received in the following format.


Error Code

The following describes errors with Authentication and Authorization.

For Authentication and Authorization, specific error codes are defined. Note that these error codes differ from the codes for the Resource API Result Code List.

Code Description
0 The processing is successful.
-1 The processing has been canceled.
100 The specified redirect_url is invalid.
101 Redirect_url is not specified.
102 The specified scope is invalid.
103 The specified code is invalid.
104 The specified app_id is invalid.
105 The specified secret is invalid.
106 The specified Access Token is invalid.
107 The specified Refresh Token is invalid.
108 An internal error of the authentication server.
109 The session information cannot be acquired (The session information cannot be acquired from the Cookie).
110 The specified response _type is invalid.
111 Privilege that can be deleted is not found.
112 The specified grant_type is invalid.
113 The site of the registered app is not found.
114 The user is not found.
115 The access is denied.
116 Privilege for accessing the information is not found.
117 No Access Token is specified.
400 The Access Token is expired.
401 The Refresh Token is expired.
402 You do not have access permission


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