Option - Read

Option Read Method

The Option API provides access to the options information of a Resource.

Option Read allows the user to acquire the list of Options that meet the specified conditions.


https://{Request URI Host}/v1/option?partition=[value]&count=[value]&level=[value]&alias=[value]&enabled=[value]



The access right required for Option Read is as follows:



Input Variables

When using the GET or POST Method, a value must be specified for the parameter of the HTTP Header. For details, see HTTP Header.

The following shows the Parameters that can be specified:

Required Parameter Definition
partition Specify a numerical value for the Partition Id.
To check the Partition Id that can be accessed, acquire the information using Partition Read.
Count Specify the maximum number of items to acquire.
If nothing is specified, all items are output.
Level Specify the layer level of the item to acquire.
The following values can be specified. If nothing is specified, -1 is assumed to be specified.
 -1: Outputs all the levels.
  0: Outputs the siblings of the item specified by the alias.
 1 or more: Outputs the children of the item specified by the alias.
Alias Specify the alias of the item to acquire.
Enabled Specify the type of use/nonuse of the item.
The following values can be specified. If nothing is specified, -1 is assumed to be specified.
 -1: Acquires all the items.
  0: Acquires the items not used.
  1: Acquires the items in use.


Result Values

When the processing is successfully completed, “200” is returned to the Response Header as the HTTP status, and the value that is described in Output Values can be acquired.

If an error occurs, a value other than 200 is returned.


Output Values

The output value can be acquired in the XML format. No optional Field can be handled by the Option API.

Tag Definition
Option Route element including the option item that meets the conditions.
Code This is the code that represents the processing result. For details, see Result Code List.
Item Option item
 Option.P_Id The Id of the option
 Option.P_Name The name of the option
 Option.P_Alias The alias of the option
 Option.P_ParentId The Id of the parent
 Option.P_Type The type of option. For an option for a specific purpose, a value other than 0 is set.
 0: Normal option
 1: Phase of the Resume
 2: Phase of the JOB
 3: Phase of the Process
 4: Phase of the Activity
 5: Phase of the Company
 6: Phase of the Company recruiter
 7: Phase of the Personal contact information
 8: Phase of the Sales
 9: Phase of the Contract
 10: Phase of the Opportunity
 11: Phase of the Contact
 Option.P_Order The sort order of the options on the HRBC screen
 Items The collection of the nested Items


Option Read Sample

This sample code shown below is not encoded. In the case of an actual Request, encoding/decoding may be necessary depending on the content.

The following shows a sample when acquiring the “Gender” option.

Input Parameter

https://{Request URI Host}/v1/option?partition=999999&level=-1&alias=Option.P_Gender&enabled=-1


Output XML

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>



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