Q1: Can real-time information be acquired by the API?

By following the specifications of the HRBC API, the information that is acquired when a request is accepted is returned as a Response in real time.

However, the timing of when such information is reflected on the user’s own site or other target site differs depending on the timing when a request is sent and the processing on the app after a Response is received.

For example, when a program links job opening information periodically once a day, there is a time lag between when jobs are registered with HRBC and when the information is reflected on the user’s own site.

PORTERS has no concern with the program details, so please contact the personnel in charge of the development.


Q2: Is it possible to search for the option-type items of HRBC using the free-word search of the API?

The free word search does not apply to the option type items in HRBC.

For details on the specifications and scope of the Keyword search of the HRBC API, see Parameters > Read - Keyword.

If you wish to make the free word search apply to option type items, you need to create text type items for search and doubly register the information of both types.


Q3: Is the API equipped with a password issuance function?

The HRBC API is not equipped with a password issuance function.

A function like “My page for job seekers” where users are required to log in should be developed as a program on the app.


Q4: How can I check the Partition information or the Alias of an item or option?

The HRBC API provides the API that acquires the master information.

Use Partition API, User API, Field API, or Option API to acquire information.

The aliases of items and options, which are found on the customize screen of HRBC, need to be checked one by one.


Q5: If an error occurs in the user’s own site that links to the API, can the entry information of job seekers be retrieved?

We are sorry, but PORTERS does not save the Request details of the HRBC API and thus such information cannot be retrieved.

Contact the personnel in charge of development or maintenance, as needed, about whether the log at the time of error occurrence or the log of detailed information is kept.

Note that the development requirements must include the implementation of the log management of Request and Response details and the recovery processing for unexpected events.

PORTERS is not liable for any problems resulting from no implementation of log management or recovery processing, or no maintenance personnel assigned.


Q6: For renewal of the user’s own site that links with API, do I need to apply for the operation with PORTERS?

Usually, no particular application is required. However, when changing development company, it is strongly recommended to change the secret for ensuring security.

Apply with PORTERS for changing the secret, if desired.

Note that this application should be made by the representative of the user company that has a contract for HRBC. PORTERS does not accept application from any development company.

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