25/06/2023 Enhancements to Resource API / Field Type & Data Type


In PORTERS Connect API 8.0.0, we will implement the following enhancement.

-Addition of "Contact" to the Resource API.

-Addition of "Link Type" to Field Type & Data Type.

*Note: When using Link Type, it is necessary to specify Version 2 or later in the HTTP Header.


Enhancements to the Resource API


We added ‘Contact’ to the Resource API.

Contact - Read
With Contact Read, you can retrieve data for a Client that matches specified search criteria.
Contact - Write
With Contact Write, you can register new contact record or update existing record.
Contact - Field List
The fields and initial values that can be handled by the Contact API are as listed above.


Enhancements to Field Type & Data Type

We added ‘Link’ to Field Type & Data Type.

Field Type & Data Type List
You can use "Link" in Field Type & Data Type.


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