HRBC Connect API Termination of Use Request

To terminate usage of the API, make a request for it using the special form below. 

For the termination of use within the month, make a request by three business days prior to the last business day.

If a request is received outside of business hours, it will be accepted on the following business day.

Note that if a request is accepted on the following month, the usage fee for the following month is charged.

 Example) When you wish to terminate using the API at the end of July,2016 (the end of the month is a weekend)

  • A request is made on Tuesday, July 26th.
    When there is no problem with the request details, the procedure will be completed by July 29th.
  • A request is made between 6:00 p.m. on Friday, July 29th and on Sunday, July 31st.
    The request is accepted on the following business day, which is August 1st, and the procedure will be completed on August 2nd or later, and thus the usage fee for using the API for August will be charged.


*Notifications of the receipt of a request and the completion of other procedures are sent from the system mail “”

 If anti-spam mail measures are taken, make a setting so that emails from the address above can be received.

*A request must be made by the HRBC user company who has a contract for the API.

 Note that PORTERS may contact the person who made the request or the responsible person for the HRBC contract.

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