Development Environment (Test Environment)

Use of Development Environment

Application for using a development environment (test environment), if desired, is separately required. Please download the price list and application form from HRBC Help.

 Deliverables: Development HRBC Environment, development API connection information

 Fee: 50,000 yen for the initial cost

 Valid period: Three months from issuance

 Master copy frequency: Up to twice within the valid period


Development HRBC Environment, Development API Connection Information

When a user applies for the development environment, PORTERS provides the user with the deliverables--the development HRBC Environment that allows the user to register test data and other relevant data as desired and the connection information, such as App ID and Secret, for connecting to the API.

Separately from the actual environment, using the development HRBC Environment to be delivered allows the user to proceed with app development without affecting the data in the actual environment.

Note that although the development HRBC Environment for development and the API connection information for development are delivered as “for development,” these are not linked with each other.

At the time of development or actual link operation, it is necessary to specify the development HRBC Environment (Partition) to be accessed in order to grant the access privilege.


Master Copy

  1. Making a master copy is a necessary operation to match each Alias between the actual environment and the development HRBC Environment for development.
    If there is a difference in the Alias of a link item or option between the actual environment and the development HRBC environment, linkage will fail when the environment is finally switched.
    When the items or options that are necessary for linkage in the actual environment have been added, changed, or deleted, be sure to make a request for a master copy.
  1. The development environment where the master copy is performed from the actual environment is delivered.
    The master copy at the time of delivery is not included in the number of copy times above.
  1. When master copy is performed, the test data registered in the development HRBC Environment for development is deleted

  2. Master copy must be directly requested by the representative of a company under agreement with PORTERS.
    Note that PORTERS will not accept a request for master copy from a development company.
  1. It takes about three business days to make a master copy from when we receive a request.

  2. For extending the use period of the development environment or making a master copy for more than the limited times, the user needs to re-apply.
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