Additional APIs request (Request for the development of second and subsequent apps)

When you have already signed the HRBC Connect API and wish to newly develop another app, make a request using the form below.

It will take three to five business days from the receipt of the request to the completion of the request procedure.


*All the API accesses that are made are totaled.

*If the number of API accesses exceeds 150,000 per month, the excess charge of 2,000 yen per month occurs for each additional 10,000 accesses.


*Notifications of the receipt of a request and the completion of other procedures are sent from the system mail “”

 If anti-spam mail measures are taken, adjust settings to ensure that emails from the address above can be received.

*A request must be made by the HRBC user company who has a contract for the API.

 Note that PORTERS may contact the person who made the request or the responsible person for the HRBC contract.

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