Secret Change Request

To change the Secret of the API connection information already delivered, make a request for it using the special form below.

For example, when changing the development company, it is strongly recommended to change the Secret for ensuring security.


Note that if the Secret is changed without changing the program, the site does not correctly operate, so follow the procedure below to change the Secret.

  1. Make a request using the form below.
  2. PORTERS informs the user of a new Secret.
  3. Notify the development personnel of the new secret and have the person modify the Secret information in the existing program.
    *PORTERS has no concern with the changes so be sure to check with the development personnel.
  4. PORTERS switches the Secret.
  5. The user checks the operation after the switching is completed.

Note that after the procedure is completed, the API cannot be accessed with the old Secret.

Note also that the API cannot be accessed during steps 3 and 4; therefore, we will adjust the date and time to switch the Secret while considering your desired date and time.

Check in advance with the development personnel and enter the desired date and time (Available date and time: 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. on weekdays/Within our business hours/JST) to switch the Secret.

Please note that we do not accept a request outside of business hours.


*Notifications of the receipt of a request and the completion of other procedures are sent from the system mail “”

 If anti-spam mail measures are taken, adjust settings so that emails from the address above can be received.

*A request must be made by the HRBC user company who has a contract for the API.

 Note that PORTERS may contact the person who made the request or the responsible person for the HRBC contract.

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