HRBC master copy request (Actual environment > Development test environment)

When the HRBC test environment (Separate request/50,000 yen  initial cost) used for connection and other tests for developing an HRBC API is requested, the environment is valid for three months from the date of issuance.

The initial cost includes the fee for making a master copy up to two times, which copies the master data of the items and options in the actual environment to the test environment.

It will take three to five business days from the receipt of the request to the completion of the request procedure.


*Making a master copy is a necessary operation to match the aliases of the item and options between the actual environment and the test environment.
 If there is a difference in the aliases between the actual environment and the test environment, the data will not be correctly linked when the test environment is switched to the actual environment.
 When the items that are necessary for linkage are added or deleted in the actual environment, be sure to make a request for a master copy.

*Note that when making a master copy, all the data registered in the test environment will be deleted.

*Master copy is used to copy the master data in the actual environment to the test environment.
 Mater copy is unavailable for copying the data from the test environment to the actual environment.

*For extending the use period of the test environment or making a master copy four times or more, apply for the master copy again.


*Notifications of the receipt of a request and the completion of other procedures are sent from the system mail “”

 If anti-spam mail measures are taken, adjust settings to ensure that emails from the address above can be received.

*A request must be made by the HRBC user company who has a contract for the API.

 Note that PORTERS may contact the person who made the request or the responsible person for the HRBC contract.

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