07/10/2018 Enhancement of User Read API


HRBC Connect API 3.12.31 will enhance functionality by adding [field] to the Parameter that can be specified by the User Read API for users to be able to acquire a desired field.

This function enhancement will affect the behavior only when the Parameter is explicitly specified. The existing apps are not affected.


Enhancement of User Read API

[Target API]

User Read

Any Resource API other than the above cannot acquire a desired field by specifying this enhanced optional User Field.


[Change details]

field  is added as a Parameter that can be specified by the User Read API so that a desired User Field can be specified.




Input Variables

The notes on the Parameters that can be specified and changes in them are as follows:

Required Parameter Definition
partition No change
request_type No change
user_type No change
count No change
start No change
field Specify items to output. For information on the Fields that can be specified, see User - Field List / Timezone List.
If nothing is specified, the following four items are assumed to be specified.
 1. User.P_Id
 2. User.P_Type
 3. User.P_Name
 4. User.P_Mail


Result Values

When the processing is successfully completed, “200” is returned to the Response Header as the HTTP status, and the value that is described in Output Values can be acquired.

If an error occurs, a value other than 200 is returned.


Output Values

The output value can be acquired in the XML format. No optional Field can be acquired by the User API.

Tag Definition
User No change
 Total No change
 Count No change
 Start No change
Code No change
Item Indicates one piece of User information. Includes a Field element.
 Field Stores the value of a specified item.



This sample code shown below is not encoded. In the case of an actual Request, encoding/decoding may be necessary depending on the content.

The following sample uses User Read to acquire the name, department, and person who updated the data.

Input Parameter



Output XML

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<User Total="1" Count="1" Start="0">
  <User.P_Name>Consultant 1</User.P_Name>
    <Department.P_Name>No department </Department.P_Name>
    <User.P_Name>Consultant 1</User.P_Name>


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