05/30/2018 - Updated

  • In addition to the enhancement of the User Read API that is planned for release on 06/12/2018, the following corrections or addition of the descriptions have been made.
    • Added the [06/12/2018 Enhancement of the User Read API] to the [Information on Specifications Change].
    • Added the description the System[Department] to [Field Type & Data Type List].
    • Added [User - Field List / Timezone List] to [Resource API - Master].
    • Corrected the description on [User -Read].
      • Added the description on the field parameter to the GET URL.
      • Added the description on the field to “Input Variables.” 
      • Deleted the description on the Field of the “Output Values” so that [User - Field List / Timezone List] is linked to.
    • Added notes to [Read - Field>System[Reference]&User Type] of [Read API - Parameter].
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